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On 6/2/2007 1:33 PM, Marc Piel wrote:

>Denise Tart & David Green wrote:
>"...after the Durrell conference in Paris next 
>can anyone tell me more about this please???

Sure, Marc.  I will look forward to the possibility of seeing you there. 

Any responses to the announced topic?


*On Miracle Ground XV (2008)*

The site for On Miracle Ground XV (2008) will be Paris, France.The 
conference will focus on the artistic intertextuality between Durrell's 
writing and other art forms, especially painting and music, and the 
relationship between Durrell's texts and the development of scientific 
research at the time. Finally, the conference will consider Durrell's 
attitude toward World War II and the Résistance. The conference will be 
hosted by the University of Paris X (Nanterre). For further information, 
you may contact Corinne Alexandre-Garner, UFR Anglo-Americaine, 
Universite Paris X, 200 Avenue de la République, 92001 Nanterre, France.

Charles L. Sligh
Department of English
Wake Forest University
slighcl at wfu.edu

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