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Great photos, Michael, but not in Alex Illus., regrettably.  Did you ever think of doing a book of old 1930 photos of Alexandria, such as the beach party with the man in his dinner jacket and the bold woman?  That kind of book I would really like to have.  Over the years you see similar books come out, e.g., The Last Empire:  Photographs of British India, 1855-1911 (Aperture, 1976). Maybe you could do a companion piece to a new edition of the Quartet.  Not exactly Egytomania, which has a market, but close.  Doesn't Routledge put out stuff like that?  Lord Mountbatten of Burma isn't around to write you a preface, but I'm sure you could find some notable.


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>The roof of the Hotel Cecil is open for meals and drinks and for its 
>wonderful views over the Eastern Harbour and along the Corniche.  
>Herewith a couple of photographs I took in 2003, I think it was.  There 
>are more of Alexandria in my book Alexandria Illustrated.

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