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Since then Forster's Egyptian writings have been turned out as an 
Abinger edition under the general editorship of Frank Kermode.  
PHARILLON, Andre Deutsch, London 2004, it was edited by Professor 
Miriam Allott (widow of Kenneth Allott).  It is an immense work of 
scholarship by Miriam, who checked original papers, variant editions, 
tracked down references, and who has produced a book of something like 
130 pages of fascinating footnotes.  P N Furbank and I gave some help, 
and in fact I travelled with Miriam to Alexandria to show her around; 
she was working on her Abinger as I was working on my Alexandria: City 
of Memory, and we corresponded a lot during that time, trading 
information, and visited one another a lot (and drank a lot of 
champagne, of which Miriam keeps several cases in supply).  I got The 
American University in Cairo Press to publish it for the Middle East.


> On 6/1/2007 10:30 PM, william godshalk wrote:
> Alexandria: A History and a Guide (ISBN: 019504066X)
> E. M. Forster
> Book Description: Oxford University Press, USA, 1986.
> Is this a coincidence, or did Oxford publish the revision?
> Bill
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