[ilds] Fwd: Plagiarism and borrowing -- some examples?

Michael Haag michaelhaag at btinternet.com
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I published the first British edition (1982) on my own; when I produced 
a revised edition in 1986, Oxford University Press in America came in 
with me -- I subcontracted the US rights to them.  My first edition was 
printed on good paper; the revised edition was printed on crappy paper 
because OUP were too cheap to pay for quality, and they were taking the 
larger part of the print-run.  There are some virtues to the reprint, 
however, like the reproduction of Forster's hand-drawn map of 
Alexandria and some alterations and extensions to the Notes; but you 
will find all this and much more in Alexandria: City of Memory.


On Saturday, June 2, 2007, at 03:30  am, william godshalk wrote:

> Alexandria: A History and a Guide (ISBN: 019504066X)
> E. M. Forster
> Book Description: Oxford University Press, USA, 1986.
> Is this a coincidence, or did Oxford publish the revision?
> Bill
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