[ilds] Fwd: Plagiarism and borrowing -- some examples?

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When I say the Faber paperback edition, I mean the little paperback 
without photographs.


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> I did in fact provide the details for Caesar's Vast Ghost, but I will 
> do so again.
> In the Faber hardback first edition see pages 130-131; in the Faber 
> paperback edition see pages 129-131.  These probably match the pages 
> of the American editions.  Or in the index look up Cleopatra and 
> Actium.  The relevant portion is from the paragraph beginning 
> 'Antony's greatness was as a land-commander' to the paragraph ending 
> 'the awful truth when it at last followed him to Egypt'.  The copying 
> is virtually word for word throughout; where there are variations, and 
> they are very slight, they are inferior to my version which is found 
> in my notes to E M Forster's Alexandria: A History and a Guide, 
> published by Michael Haag, London 1982, pages 246-7 (revised London 
> 1986, pages 247-8).

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