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Marc, read William Godshalk's article, "Some Sources of Durrell's Alexandria Quartet," in Critical Essays on Lawrence Durrell, ed. Alan Warren Friedman, Boston:  G.K. Hall, 1987.


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>It is about time that those that accuse, come out 
>with precise accusations (in detail). Generalisme 
>(?) is no longer acceptable nor credible!!!
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>> Bill, you've done a study on LD's borrowings.  What is your conclusion -- was he a borrower or a thief?  Putting aside T. S. Eliot's quip about great writers stealing, how do you feel about that?  Looking at some of the examples in your 1967 essay, I feel uncomfortable with Durrell's "borrowings."
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>>>I seem to remember reading, many, many, years ago, that some writers 
>>>tend to be borrowers. Obviously Durrell is a borrower -- or if you 
>>>insist a thief -- a literary thief. Are there essays and books on 
>>>this subject? I mean on writers who borrow. I ask  because I'm too 
>>>busy to work on this myself until I finish my final papers next week.
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