[ilds] Plagiarism - and Caesar's Vast Ghost

Marc Piel marcpiel at interdesign.fr
Fri Jun 1 14:43:21 PDT 2007

We do not know either how much he did not write!!!!!
let us be a little balanced in this!!!!

Michael, to my regret, I am beginning to wonder 
how you can pretend to write a biography of LD. It 
appears that you have preconceived ideas, that are 
not compatible with a non biased opinion! Surely a 
biographer must be neutral!!!
Marc Piel

Michael Haag wrote:

> This begs the question of who wrote the book and why it is being read.  
> Leaving aside textual criticism, there is the simple matter of the 
> reader buying a book which he thinks is by Lawrence Durrell.  As 
> Richard Pine himself wrote in his review of Caesar's Vast Ghost which 
> appeared in  Deus Loci in 1992, this is 'a beautiful book ... which 
> will entrance and engage the general reader: for avid Durrellians it is 
> a powerful restatement of many of his recurring themes. ... It touches 
> all his previous work'.  And yet we do not know how much of Caesar's 
> Vast Ghost Durrell actually wrote.
> :Michael
> On Friday, June 1, 2007, at 09:45  pm, Durrell School of Corfu wrote:
>>As M H will know, (I'm sure) LD was, in ill-health, very much helped 
>>by Mary
>>Byrne (is this in MacNiven? I dont have a copy to hand) in editing his 
>>text into something that Fabers would accept. Most authors accept such 
>>I dont think the book requires too much textual criticism - just read 
>>it for
>>its great text! - how much textual criticism is 'too much'?
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