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David's comments are perceptive.
As an ex-aussie now Canadian, I view this from both sides (of the world). 
We Canadians save our energy, enthusiasm and antagonism for the elephant 
whose bed (rock) we share. England has become a nice place to visit, albeit 
rather expensive, and still produces the best movies and humour (Borat 
excepted). Sports matter? Okay, and we are most passionate about sports 
shared with, and vigorously contested against, such countries as Norway, 
Russia and Sweden (curling, ice hockey and social justice). Canada's 
seminal war history battle was in WW I at Diep - overall a victory, and our 
troops' liberation of Netherlands in WW II is still celebrated and 
appreciated there as well as here. Although many young men, boys really, 
died, Diep was not the folly or the slaughter of Gallipoli. Gallipoli (in 
Turkey) is the most heart wrenching place to visit, as is the movie to 
watch; how to create a pacifist.

As to Canadians, I met one years ago in a bar in, strangely enough, Corfu 
and we discussed the relationship with the mother country. Whether Canada's 
proximity to the USA make a difference or not, I don't know, but there is 
less antagonism toward Britain than is felt by many Australians - of course 
much of this is fuelled by sporting rivalry on the rugby and cricket pitch 
and by nationalist movies like Gallipoli that depict the English as 
incompetent snobs who got thousands of Aussie boys killed in Turkey for no 
good reason. In point of fact, the Aussies were perfectly capable of their 
own incompetence and proved remarkable adept at useless heroics which saw 
hundreds of them killed.
David Green

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