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David Holdsworth holdsworth at rogers.com
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Michael Haag wrote:

Had there been any significant number of people affected by this 

situation I would have thought that remedial action would have been 

taken by Parliament.  Nothing I have read in the Foreign Office and 

Home Office files indicates that there was a wider problem.  I would 

not be surprised if Durrell was the only one.


I hope this is right but one should assume nothing in this field.

An example. The Canadian Minister of Immigration announced in the last few
days that the 1947 Citizenship Act will be revised. Why? Sixty years after
its passage, it was discovered by the press and the Opposition that tens of
thousands of people have been stripped of their citizenship since it was
passed. They include the wives and children of Canadian soldiers who were
born abroad, anyone born abroad whose parents failed to sign a Registration
of Birth Abroad form, people considered to have been born out of wedlock to
a non-Canadian mother and people who fall into several other categories.

This came to light earlier this year when people assuming they were citizens
applied for passports for the first time to meet toughened entry
requirements for visitors to the United States. 

But...right up until last week, the Government claimed only a few hundred
people had been affected and the problem was minor!  


David Holdsworth








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