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David Green wrote:



As to Canadians, I met one years ago in a bar in, strangely enough, Corfu
and we discussed the relationship with the mother country. Whether Canada's
proximity to the USA make a difference or not, I don't know, but there is
less antagonism toward Britain than is felt by many Australians .


The bar as centre of learning! Wonderful! LD would have approved.


It is true there is little antagonism by English-speaking Canadians toward
Britain; if anything, there is a lingering affection because of historical
ties. (Quebec is another matter though, again because of history). 


It is also true that Britain is currently not seen by the majority of
Canadians as particularly relevant to their lives. May 24 (Queen Victoria's
birthday) is still celebrated here but a poll this year showed only one
Canadian in five saw any historical significance in the event. Polls
generally show Canadians are split evenly on abolishing the monarchy but it
is not a significant political issue. Our changing demographics in the past
30 years (Chinese is now our third language, I believe), economic links to
the USA and a general perception that Britain's future is with Europe may
explain it. 


Because of shared historical and linguistic ties, Britain still remains
important culturally to English-speaking Canadians. However, I can't think
off-hand of any major young Canadian writers these days who display the
love-hate relationship which LD had with pudding island.


David Holdsworth

Ottawa, Canada

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