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I think Michael H can illuminate this - the 'revelation' in 2002 was, I think, in the Guardian newspaper (UK) and explained why LD did not, in fact, hold a full British passport.

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<  Yes, can someone clear up this matter about LD's passport?  I think it's false.  Born of British parents in a British colony and not British?  Sounds absurd.  Moreover, as Lea asks, how could he have worked all those years in the British Foreign Office and not have been a UK citizen?  I know that in Hong Kong, before 1997, people born in the Crown Colony were issued a special British passport, which looked like a regular passport but was actually a "travel document."  It enabled the holder to travel as a UK citizen, but it did not give the bearer all the rights of one.  I.e., the bearer could not claim residence in the UK.  Is something like this the basis of the rumor?
<  Bruce
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<  >Durrell's nationless status was revealed in 2002-born in India yet not 
<  >Indian and never holding British citizenship despite working as a British 
<  >civil servant.
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<  >What passport did he hold?
<  >Lea
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