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Gerald Durrell said that 'England' was an Amerindian word meaning 'Land of perpetual rain'. RP
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  Having spent a few years in pudding island and having visited the south of France while there, I must agree with you about the south of France. Having gone there after the long dark of a Yorkshire Winter I felt as if a great burden had been lifted off me. My six year old son said of pudding island "England is a sad country dad, it rains all the time. it's like the sky is crying".

  I think I could live somewhere around Nime or Avignon or St. Marie sur la Mare (a favourite of LDs)

  As to Canadians, I met one years ago in a bar in, strangely enough, Corfu and we discussed the relationship with the mother country. Whether Canada's proximity to the USA make a difference or not, I don't know, but there is less antagonism toward Britain than is felt by many Australians - of course much of this is fuelled by sporting rivalry on the rugby and cricket pitch and by nationalist movies like Gallipoli that depict the English as incompetent snobs who got thousands of Aussie boys killed in Turkey for no good reason. In point of fact, the Aussies were perfectly capable of their own incompetence and proved remarkable adept at useless heroics which saw hundreds of them killed.

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