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No, Bill, I was referring to Fedden's introduction to the Personal 
Landscape Anthology, not to his Egypt.  There is also that string of 
bus and tram stops in Alexandria, see Justine 1.23 and 1.26, lifted 
from something Liddle contributed to PL or the Flyting.


On Thursday, May 31, 2007, at 06:23  pm, william godshalk wrote:

> Didn't someone say Bill was working on this? 
> Bill's work was done 45 years ago at least, though I still look for 
> things now and again. The Durrell library at Carbondale is 
> enlightening -- or discouraging in terms of Durrell's cobbling 
> material together. I do have some notes around here that I may be able 
> to relocate. One book Durrell used liberally was an embalming manual.
> Anyway my early article may be found in Modern Fiction Studies 13 
> (1967), 361-74. Michael points out to me that I missed something in 
> Robin Fedden's Egypt (1939). I have been haphazardly looking for a 
> Durrell borrowing in that book -- without success.
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