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Yes, Harold Bloom holds Durrell in high regard.  He ranks the Quartet among the greats in his book, the Western Canon, and he opens his study of Gnosticism, Omens of the Millennium, with a quotation from Monsieur.  So he's an example of one prestigious academic who appreciates LD.  I like Bloom; he's a great critic.  Now others can disagree.  Bloom would be a great "catch" for Pine's Corfu seminars.


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>Harold Bloom told me that the ' Ballad of the Good Lord Nelson' was one of his favourite poems , to be recited in depression. RP
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>When Adam deconstructed and Eve shrank,
>Who was then the ripest crank?The first Great Lord in our English land 
>    To honour the Freudian command, 
>    For a cast in the bush is worth two in the hand 
>                         Aboard the Victory, Victory O. 
>  As caroled roundly by James Gifford, Wednesday, 28 June 2006, 9:17 PM, McMorran's Beach House, Cordova Bay, BC.

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