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Charles, I can think of one recent book of Alexandria that fails to mentions Durrell -- Andre Aciman's Out of Egypt (1994).  We have allusions to Proust and Cavafy, but no Durrell.  I took the deletion as a deliberate slight.


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>No biography of London would be complete without several references to 
>Dickens in the index, nor would a biography of Alexandria be complete 
>without mentioning Lawrence Durrell.
>So am I trying to say that biographies of place should be written by 
>novelists? No, I would not dream of supporting such a heresy in this 
>company. But I would suggest that this sort of biography requires some 
>of the skills of a novelist. It requires a touch that is not too 
>obsessed with accuracy, and not afraid to impose a creative imagination 
>on the tangible and factual. As Plotinus once remarked, 'to any vision 
>must be brought an eye adapted to what is to be seen.'
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