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I had been thinking about the adjective 'Durrellian.'   Some 
writers--even native Alexandrians!--are able to call it up in a positive 

>         > She is a classic Durrellian beauty, mysterious, melancholic.
>         > But in the end, I suspect, my Durrellian angst will follow
>         me wherever I go.
>         http://www.hsje.org/other_within.htm

Other writers quite clearly use "Durrellian" to denote fault--preciosity 
& pretense & the stuff of the "textbook bohemian" (Eagleton's phrase). 

And I did not realize that the OED had caught up with all of these 
usages.  But there you have it.

        *Oxford English Dictionary *

        *Durrellian, a.*
        *   *
        *Of or pertaining to the English writer Lawrence Durrell (born
        1912), or his style. Also Durrellesque a.*

        *1961 New Statesman 21 July 92/3* In the background there is
        that damned baroque sea, going through its daily transformations
        in a spray of Durrellian metaphors. *1961 Spectator 22 Dec. 922*
        The Durrellesque fantasy of a Coptic-Zionist alliance. *1966
        Economist 17 Sept. 1152/3 *One or two of the portraits, notably
        that of the old Imam Ahmad of the Yemen, are almost Durrell-ian
        gems. *1970 Guardian 26 Mar. 11/6 *The usual Durrellian
        whirligig of allusions and illusions, quotes and echoes.

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