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I think Dr. Anthony Durrell has a good idea and remedy for mood disorders, but I also see a problem with medical liability.  I think the doctor needs to revise the warning label.  He needs to revise the directions below, so that children, academics, and other professionals do not overdose on the product or use it for purposes other than those specifically recommended.  One can never be too careful about adjusting altered states.


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>My attention has been brought to the following device, invented and  
>patented by Dr Durrell, which, it is suggested, can be worn with  
>advantage while reviewing books one has not read and when accepting  
>money for the service not provided.  Apparently several have already  
>been installed at the Durrell School of Corfu whence issued the  
>pronouncement by its director that 'Professional reviewers must skim  
>other than the most notable titles otherwise they can't do the work  
>they are paid for' -- the implication being that the official biography  
>of Lawrence Durrell is not, in the eyes of the director of the DSC, a  
>'notable title'.  I trust the DSC has the appropriate software.
>> Psychometric instruments and methods for mood analysis,  
>> psychoeducation, mood health promotion, mood health maintenance and  
>> mood disorder therapy
>> http://www.freshpatents.com/Psychometric-instruments-and-methods-for- 
>> mood-analysis-psychoeducation-mood-health-promotion-mood-health- 
>> maintenance-and-mood-disorder-therapy-dt20060706ptan20060147884.php
>> A system and method that allows a person to comprehensively and  
>> non-verbally express their present, past and anticipated future  
>> emotional responses regarding all aspects of their life including  
>> relationships, work, study, memories and experiences. The system  
>> relies on a method wherein the person can graphically represent their  
>> mood state by depicting the proportion that each of a number of  
>> primary moods contributes to the mood state for any nominated aspect  
>> of their life. The system provides some guidance regarding healthy and  
>> unhealthy mixes of these primary moods thereby allowing early  
>> identification of vulnerable mood states which without intervention  
>> may progress to mood disorders. In a clinical setting, the invention  
>> may be valuable in monitoring treatment response, sub-typing mood  
>> related diagnoses, measuring therapist-patient empathy, establishing  
>> treatment goals and as a therapeutic tool in emotionally focussed  
>> psychotherapy. The method can be performed using and electronic  
>> device, such as a computer, running appropriate software.
>> Patent Agent: Hutchison Law Group PLLC - Raleigh, NC, US
>> Patent Inventor: Anthony Durrell
>> Applicaton #: 20060147884 Class: 434236000 (USPTO)

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