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On 5/30/2007 6:27 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:

>Moreover, the review itself is a trashing of Lawrence Durrell.  It is a savage attack on the man and his life based on either willful misrepresentation or smug prejudice or both.  For some, I guess, fame is both irresistible and a license to abandon fairness and decency.
Whatever the source of Eagleton's dark energy?   I will put money on the 
zinc bar counter that the review was not about "Lawrence Durrell" nor 
about Ian MacNiven's biography.  Mark me: there is a /tertium quid/.  
Hypothesis:  Eagleton's nasty verve in taking down Durrell drew upon old 
memories, old anxieties.   The "old Cambridge tutor" is the least of 
it.  He was writing against someone else. 

Perhaps even against the Terry Eagleton who queened about with his copy 
of /Justine /and then regretted it?

Still queening about with my copy--


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