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Wed May 30 14:43:02 PDT 2007

So "A Smile in the Mind's Eye" was published in 
1982 and 1984. LD was 77 or 79 years old. What 
does that change in my remarK? How will you be at 
those ages????
Marc Piel

James Gifford wrote:

> Marc Piel comments:
>>Might I add that the
>>publication dates are not necessarily significant,
>>especially for the "Quintet", because I believe
>>that, perhaps different from the AQ, it was
>>planned form the outset.
> I can't get into details here, lest I let something slip that should be
> forthcoming in a nasty academic piece, but the Quintet was not planned as
> such from the outset...  Durrell came into the form and the work as a whole
> while _Monsieur_ was in proofs and _Livia_ existed only as a first
> chapter...
> More to follow on that.
> As for the first publication of _A Smile in the Mind's Eye_, it was not 1994
> after his death.  It was first published in London by Wildwood House in
> 1980, and it includes a reprint of "The Tao and Its Glozes" from _The Aryan
> Path_ 10.12 (1939), pp. 585-587.
> If Durrell had found answers, he found them in 1939...  I suspect he left
> those answers behind.
> Best,
> James
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