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James Gifford odos.fanourios at gmail.com
Wed May 30 12:00:45 PDT 2007

For Justine's dark versus pale skin, in one scene she is clothed and in the
other she is not -- the pale skin and the dark skin would seem to reflect
those areas alternately exposed or protected from the sun...  On a literal
level, this gives Bill the sexiness he's been watching for, but more
seriously, it draws our eyes as readers to the pattern of Darley's eyes as a
lover, per se.  We only get to see what we're wanted to see, making us ogle
the text, so to speak.  A typical trick in LD and many other authors
(Hemingway is a master at this).

I'll leave the original comments below in an abbreviate form.


On 5/26/07 2:06 PM, "william godshalk" <godshawl at email.uc.edu> wrote:

> I found a few more indications that Justine is of a brown complexion. All my
> page references are to the Dutton first edition.
> "... I felt her strong mouth on my own and those worldly brown arms closing
> upon mine" (p. 47).
> "... the brown harsh body of Justine naked. ..." (p. 85).
> "... stroking that dark head of beautiful hair ..." (p. 42).
> "... Justine--the dark, vehement creature" (p. 97).
> "... that dark beloved head" (132).
> There are other references to Justine's darkness -- but that's enough for now.
>> Charles writes:
>>> So I have a puzzle with which I would ask your help.
>>> During the visit to Justine's bedroom with Pursewarden, Darley tells us:
>>> "In the warm bronze light her pa[l]e skin looks paler. . . ." (2.10).

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