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Does this mean that in some editions of the Quartet there's a poet-soldier called Johnny Laforgue?
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  I forget in which volume or when, but at one point Durrell gave an instruction to Faber that all references to Keats should be altered to Laforgue. So much for French symbolism.


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    On 5/30/2007 11:29 AM, James Gifford wrote:

    I think this may be justifiably called a trend. The references to Blake in
    _Balthazar_ were initially to Keats, yet having a character by the same name
    was apparently too confusing to manage. My hunch, given Durrell's
    frequently plays on Shax (ahem...), is that the MacBeth reference was just
    too obvious, so some fiddling was necessary. I'd argue that any reference
    to Shakespeare (in particular) is a reference to the oeuvre in general,
    which may or may not specifically align with the play mentioned or alluded
    to. Of course, just what Shax meant for Durrell I can't say, but I can
    imagine far more than one erudite article on the topic... I'm dabbling on
    some things for _Prospero's Cell_, but nothing I plan to really get into any
    time soon.

    Thanks, Jamie, and good to hear from you in your travels.  Bill--Darley tells us that "a brilliant yellow patch on the dune showed up the cover of a pocket King Lear" (3.1).  You are a bibliographer and a collector.  Does that "yellow patch" spring from anything other than Durrell's imagination?  What pocket edition in yellow boards or covers could Darley/Durrell be recalling? 

    "Beloved Elizas"!  Alan G. Thomas would tell us how much it cost to post this to LD if we could still catch him.

    I have just been listening to a wonderful interview that Durrell did with the CBC (1968) in which he declares that he is "a spare parts man"--taking bits and pieces from reality and remaking them as his own.  (For a transcript, see Ingersoll 100.) 


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