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On 5/30/2007 11:29 AM, James Gifford wrote:

>I think this may be justifiably called a trend.  The references to Blake in
>_Balthazar_ were initially to Keats, yet having a character by the same name
>was apparently too confusing to manage.  My hunch, given Durrell's
>frequently plays on Shax (ahem...), is that the MacBeth reference was just
>too obvious, so some fiddling was necessary.  I'd argue that any reference
>to Shakespeare (in particular) is a reference to the oeuvre in general,
>which may or may not specifically align with the play mentioned or alluded
>to.  Of course, just what Shax meant for Durrell I can't say, but I can
>imagine far more than one erudite article on the topic...  I'm dabbling on
>some things for _Prospero's Cell_, but nothing I plan to really get into any
>time soon.
Thanks, Jamie, and good to hear from you in your travels.  Bill--Darley 
tells us that "a brilliant yellow patch on the dune showed up the cover 
of a pocket /King Lear/" (3.1).  You are a bibliographer and a 
collector.  Does that "yellow patch" spring from anything other than 
Durrell's imagination?  What pocket edition in yellow boards or covers 
could Darley/Durrell be recalling? 

"Beloved Elizas"!  Alan G. Thomas would tell us how much it cost to post 
this to LD if we could still catch him.

I have just been listening to a wonderful interview that Durrell did 
with the CBC (1968) in which he declares that he is "a spare parts 
man"--taking bits and pieces from reality and remaking them as his own.  
(For a transcript, see Ingersoll 100.) 


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