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I have a suspicion that Bill might be right about this.  It is 
suggested by Eagleton himself in the opening lines of his idiotic 

My old Cambridge tutor, a deeply traditionalist scholar, used to have a 
copy of Lawrence Durrell's novel Justine lying with casual 
deliberateness on his desk. The book looked suspiciously unthumbed. It 
was there as testimony to his (entirely spurious) avantgardeness, for 
in the early 1960s Durrell was one of the last words in high-brow 
literary experiment.

Eagleton is telling us how clever and how revolutionary he, Eagleton, 
is.  Old farts put Justine on their desks pretending to have read them. 
  But not Eagleton.  He REALLY has not read it.  Avant-avant-garde!  
Where else has a brain dead Marxist to go than up his own clever arse?


On Wednesday, May 30, 2007, at 12:07  am, william godshalk wrote:

> The novelist T. C. Boyle says that he never reads genre literature.
> He never reads it, he says, because all genre literature is BAD. In
> fact, he says this often in interviews.
> How would Boyle know about genre literature if he never read it?
> It seems to me that Eagleton may be like Boyle. He's never read
> Durrell, but he already knows that Durrell is BAD.
> Bill
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