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Hard questions, Michael.  I'll tell you what I sense, not what I can prove.  Atemporality, not in the dictionary and not in this world we normally live in -- that state, for Durrell, lies just beyond the membrane of everyday experience.  He talks about distant Tibet and crossing the Himalayas to get there, but all that is just metaphor, a way to make it understandable.  Jesus likes to talk in parables -- the same method.  The place is actually quite close.  It's the Kingdom of Heaven kind of thing.  Dr. Anthony Durrell has his own description of it, not the words I would choose, but I can't improve on them.  Something like that.  I think LD thought he could occasionally reach it through poetry, much like Keats on his "wings of Poesy" strives to get there -- and does.  (Here, I thank Ray Morrison for his explanation of "Deus Loci" at the last conference in Victoria -- the experience of that poem is something what I have in mind.)  Why was it important to LD?  He couldn't help himself.  That was his nature, that was his calling.  I think Durrell was a very religious guy, in his own way.  He failed, though.  He wasn't able to sustain what he was after.  But if that's failure, then failure ain't so bad.  Why is it important to us?  That I can't explain.  It simply is.


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>Do you think Durrell sees atemporality, or getting into atemporality, 
>as a mode, a way of doing things; or does he see atemporality as a 
>reality which is really there, waiting for us, and which we can enter?  
>And why do you think he -- or why would anyone -- be interested in 
>atemporality?  Why would it be important for Durrell?
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>> Atemporality....what a powerful word and an interesting concept that 
>> when sincerely pondered seems to strangely suspend ones mental tick 
>> tock for a fleeting moment.....perhaps a clue lies here in deciphering 
>> the AQ....without time our comfortable cerebral continuum flounders 
>> which for all but a few precipitates an overwhelming existential 
>> panic.... alas if one only could relax into this state of atemporality 
>> the disorientation soon passes.... if one has sufficient faith to 
>> stave of the habitual desire to return to the familiarity of 
>> temporality then time is no longer the master but the slave of 
>> man!...this is where LD seeks to take us....to a quaternary sphere 
>> beyond the confines of space and time to a vast timelessness....a 
>> satori of the soul!.....AD

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