[ilds] Is that wrong?

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Yes.  Because skimming implies that the reviewer is not reviewing, carefully judging the material on its own merits, rather he or she is simply confirming his or her prejudices.  I.e., the reviewer is grandstanding, which apparently is what reviewing has become these days, according to RP.


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>This is ridiculous. Professional reviewers (of which I was one in the 
>1970s-80s) must skim other than the most notable titles otherwise they can't 
>do the work they are paid for (another topic we shall be addressing next 
>week without any input from the ILDS). It is obvious that Eagleton couldnt 
>possibly have acquired the minimal facts unlesss he had skimmed MacNiven. 
>Eagleton (for whom, I repeat, I hold no candle) was not 'shabby and 
>dishonest' - he just wrote what he felt about LD - is that so wrong? 
>Opinions please,.
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