[ilds] Bulls and Bullying

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
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I don't see why Richard Pine feels compelled to goad Michael Haag into rushing his latest book into publication.  That kind of taunt, the second such as I recall, is another kind of bullying worthy of the playground or a review by Terry Eagleton.  The gold standard that Haag set with Alexandria:  City of Memory needs no further justification, in my view.  I patiently wait for Haag's new book, but I'm certainly not waiting for any reviews by reviewers who like to skim their material.


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>The aggressiveness which M Haag turns onto people who either disagree with 
>him or, worse, contradict him, is disturbing. Bull in a china shop is 
>nothing like this. It is perfectly clear that Eagleton had, at least, 
>skimmed the book for essential facts. The fact that E dislikes D and says so 
>is nothing to do with his reading of MacNiven (Ian, do you read these 
>messages?). Any prejudiced reviewer (and all reviewers are prejudiced) will 
>twist the book under review to display those prejudices. M Haag cannot prove 
>that Eagleton did not read (at least) parts of MacNiven, and his statement 
>that E is a 'liar' is absolutely unfounded. I hold no candle for E (or for 
>MacN for that matter) but this snide attacking is quite uncalled for and out 
>of place - if you have evidence, produce it. If you don't, stay silent (I 
>think it was Wittgenstein who started that,...)
>Cmon Michael, finish the book you were supposed to deliver last autumn so 
>that we can review it.

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