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I think in Shakespeare studies your position would be labeled 
"presentist." Terry Hawkes has a recent book on the subject. In the 
case of Hawkes, he wants to see Shakespeare from the perspective of 
recent politics. I'm not sure that we still read Shakespeare because 
of his political and social positions (whatever they might be). 
Cultural Materialists would not agree.


>Eagleton, DeMan, Said, Foucault (names
>mentioned recently) are good or bad scholars as such, or even whether (which
>concerns two of them) they have said "bad" things about Durrell based on
>cursory readings, or even plain reputation. These people found currency in
>academic discussions because of the relevance of their work to the issues
>that became prominent,  both theoretical and political, at their time. The
>scholars working on Joyce or Conrad (for instance) have managed to keep them
>current in the academy by demonstrating their relevance to these very
>theoretical and political debates.

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