[ilds] Terry Eagleton and The God Delusion

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Well, Bill, it's a good thing Dr. Eagleton wasn't around to review that book with the audacity to call itself, The Origin of the Species, by that upstart, Charles Darwin of Christ's College, Cambridge.  If such were the case, we'd have to satisfy ourselves with Intelligent Design.  Isn't Dr. Eagleton a cleric of some sort?  In which case, he may have a special line of communication.


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>Does Terry have a doctorate? Ah, yes, Trinity, Cambridge. Wikipediacomments:
>Eagleton produced a scathing and widelyquoted[1] review ofRichardDawkins's TheGod Delusion in theLondonReview of Books in which he stated: "Imagine someone holdingforth on biology whose only knowledge of the subject is the Book ofBritish Birds, and you have a rough idea of what it feels like to readRichard Dawkins ontheology."[2]Although many of his texts include philosophicalaspects and debates, Eagleton himself does not claim to be aphilosopher[3]
>Perhaps Dr. Eagleton needs to be informed that he is not god.
>PS Clinton Richard Dawkins (bornMarch 26,1941) is aBritishethologist,evolutionarybiologist, andpopularscience writer who holds theCharlesSimonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science atOxfordUniversity. 
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