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On 5/28/2007 8:20 PM, william godshalk wrote:

> Well, that's worth thinking about?  Why /Macbeth/? And why strike it 
> out and add /Lear/? Was he considering Justine as Lady Macbeth? And 
> was he thinking of the possibility that Macbeth would murder Duncan? 
> (Who will play Duncan?) That Justine would urge the murder? That the 
> apparently dynamic duo would break apart?
> Macbeth's paranoia is well-founded! They are out to get him -- and 
> they do. Okay, perhaps Darley is Macbeth in the sense that  he 
> believes Nessim is out to get him. And will.
> Does the differance help here?

To extend what you have said, Bill, I was reading back from Macbeth 
^Lear and noting the portents, omens, "vertiginous uncertainty," and the 
"Beware" written in the sand in Greek--all of which I can see as making 
/Macbeth /a more obvious choice.  But then what to do with the swerve to 


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