[ilds] Poncy Keats

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
Mon May 28 14:23:09 PDT 2007

Charles, many thanks.  Pissabed -- another word for my impoverished vocabulary.  QED.  Keats was most definitely a ponce.


On 5/28/07, Charles Slight responded:

>>Was Keats a ponce?  Probably.
>One autumn I read all of Byron's marvelous correspondence.  Based on 
>that bit of  indulgent scholarship, I can confirm for you, Bruce, that 
>yes, Johnny Keats got himself called a ponce, or the nearest Regency 
>term.  Cf. the OED:
>        *pissabed, n. and adj.*
>        *2. derogatory. A bed-wetter. Also as a more general term of abuse.*
>        *    B. adj.    derogatory. That wets the bed; (more generally)
>        despicable, contemptible. Now rare.*
>        1643 in County Court Rec. Accomack-Northampton, Va. (1973) 292
>        Thou pissa bedd Jade. 1675 T. DUFFETT Mock-Tempest IV. ii. 37
>        She fibs, she fibs Father,..you spiteful pissabed Slut. *1820
>        BYRON Let. 12 Oct. (1977) VII. 200 Johnny Keats's p--ss a bed
>        poetry.* 1983 M. O'DONOGHUE Jedder's Land (1984) 31 'Dirty-arsed
>        hog! Filthy, wart-nosed trash! Pissabed varmint!' She screeched
>        all the wickedest words she knew.

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