[ilds] RG Justine 3.1 -- the Summer Palace

william godshalk godshawl at email.uc.edu
Mon May 28 10:52:35 PDT 2007

Who actually constructs the Summer Palace?

Nessim has the initial concept, but who digs out the cistern? (161 
Dutton). Who builds the L shaped Palace with store-rooms, small 
living-rooms, stables, an observatory, and so on? "The work went 
forward slowly" (161-62). Panayotis, the gardener, gets a 
dispensation to build a small chapel to St. Arsenius in the house, 
but he arrived after the main part of the house was built (163). 
After the project has been completed, or nearly so, Nessim thinks: 
"building something with my own hands will keep me stable and 
unreflective" (165). Does he hint that he built the Palace with his own hands?

Or does it arise from the desert sands as though by magic?

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