[ilds] Justine's undies -- the reality thereof

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Yes, the characters in the novels and the author himself have a 
reality contingent on us.

At 09:39 PM 5/6/2007, you wrote:

>The mind does reel.  The ancient Egyptians had this notions about 
>writing.  Writing is magic.  It keeps people and things alive, but 
>you need a reader to complete the process.  If you want to destroy 
>someone, you erase his or her name.  That is death.  So, we're 
>priests in the service of eternity.  LD should be happy, wherever he is.
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> >> I am glad you liked the photograph.  It is a favourite of mine.  I
> >> have collected thousands of photographs of Alexandria as it was in its
> >> cosmopolitan heyday and am putting a selection of them together as a
> >> book.  The bold woman in black looking directly at the camera (shadow
> >> or something over one eye: both eyes were in fact good) later came to
> >> know Durrell; I tracked that connection down in a diary.
> >
> >God.  My mind reels.  That picture.  That woman. That day in Alex.  Now
> >broadcast digitally across thousands of miles because she sometime later
> >crossed paths with Durrell and because Durrell wrote words that others
> >still read.   That is a plot to limn, for certain.
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