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The mind does reel.  The ancient Egyptians had this notions about writing.  Writing is magic.  It keeps people and things alive, but you need a reader to complete the process.  If you want to destroy someone, you erase his or her name.  That is death.  So, we're priests in the service of eternity.  LD should be happy, wherever he is.


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>> I am glad you liked the photograph.  It is a favourite of mine.  I 
>> have collected thousands of photographs of Alexandria as it was in its 
>> cosmopolitan heyday and am putting a selection of them together as a 
>> book.  The bold woman in black looking directly at the camera (shadow 
>> or something over one eye: both eyes were in fact good) later came to 
>> know Durrell; I tracked that connection down in a diary.  
>God.  My mind reels.  That picture.  That woman. That day in Alex.  Now 
>broadcast digitally across thousands of miles because she sometime later 
>crossed paths with Durrell and because Durrell wrote words that others 
>still read.   That is a plot to limn, for certain. 
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