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Inconclusive textual references aside, I think Michael's photo shows the standards of elegance among Durrell's beautiful Alexandrians.  And they are beautiful.  European women didn't start adopting Hollywood standards of female beauty until fairly recently.  Look at Fellini's women (e.g., the opening scene of La Dolce Vita, 1960).  I like extra-textual approaches to textual omissions.


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>Shaved her legs, but that is all, or all we are told.
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>> On 5/6/2007 4:40 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>>   I say all this because, although it's against my American 
>> sensibilities, I have sadly come to realize that European women in the 
>> old days didn't necessarily look like Hollywood starlets who don't 
>> have a hair on their flawless bodies below their finely plucked 
>> eyebrows.
>> Just to bring all of this back around to the text--cf. Justine 
>> ("Claudia") when
>> "involuntarily her hands strayed to touch the smooth surface of the 
>> legs she had so carefully shaved that afternoon" (1.27).
>> Forgive me for that, Bruce.  Having collated the novel so many times 
>> means that almost all of its sentences are tattooed upon my brain.  
>> Also, reading Justine so long ago at the impressionable age of 15 
>> means that my notions of the Mysteries of Woman are bent irrevocably 
>> by LD's text.  So for instance I know as if by reflex that Melissa 
>> also has "depilatories from Sardis" (2.4), and the historical 
>> consciousness of Nessim's dream cycles thinks of "a new depilatory 
>> from Egypt" (3.3).  Melissa also has "eyebrows artificially pointed 
>> upwards" (1.8).   That all put thoughts in a rather provincial 
>> teenager's mind, I am certain.
>> Share that or chunk that.  An indifference I am learning to share. . . 
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