[ilds] Justine's undies

Bruce Redwine bredwine1968 at earthlink.net
Sun May 6 13:40:31 PDT 2007

I have as just returned from breakfast and found over twenty messages devoted to Justine's private habits.  I feel as though I'm the last to arrive at a party of English Ph.D.'s and stumble upon everyone sprawled out on the floor and enjoying post-analytical exhaustion.  So, I don't have much to add, if anyone's listening, except I truly enjoy Michael's photo of an Alexandrian beach scene, c. 1930.  I like the debonair man in the white dinner jacket and the elderly one wearing a hat and holding a young lady provocatively.  I also like the bold woman in one-piece bathing suit, who's staring at the camera with her one good eye and exposing a hairy armpit.  All of which makes me think of Justine.  Now I have to think that when Darley and Justine are in bed together, Darley too wears a splendid dinner jacket and quite possibly a matching hat.  Justine, the more daring of the two, is probably in a black slip, smoking, and raising her arm in the fashion of the woman on the beach.  I say all this because, although it's against my American sensibilities, I have sadly come to realize that European women in the old days didn't necessarily look like Hollywood starlets who don't have a hair on their flawless bodies below their finely plucked eyebrows.  Nor do I think Darley and Justine prudish.  Darley would not say, as the prince does about his wife in Lampedusa's Leopard, the woman who bore him six children, "I never saw her navel!"  I'm sure Darely sees more.


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