[ilds] Durrell's belt -- and Darley's and Justine's clothes [1.22]

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Well, yes, they lie there on the beach in their wet bathing costumes 
(1.22) -- BUT it's becoming cooler (in the "last pale rays of the 
sun"). Will they take off their wet things? It would seem so in the 
pages that follow. Justine drives our narrator back to the city and 
drops him off at "the usual corner" near his flat. Would she allow 
him to walk the streets of Alex in a wet bathing suit? Surely not. At 
some point in this episode they change into dry street clothes. I 
think it is when the narrator tells Justine that "this has nothing to 
do with sex." Obviously this must be followed by a defiant belting of 
his trousers.


At 02:25 PM 5/6/2007, you wrote:
>We know [1.22] that they were both wearing bathing suits at one point.

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