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What can we learn from Cukor's film?  Jamie thinks about that film all 
of the time, I think.  What do you say, Jamie?  Finished unpacking those 


On 5/6/2007 1:29 PM, william godshalk wrote:

>There was been some interest -- offline -- in Justine's bathing 
>things or bathing costume (Justine 1.22). Of course, our speculations 
>can not be conclusive because of the lack of textual resources, but 
>given our knowledge of the many faceted Justine, what kind of bathing 
>costume would she wear? We recall that Nancy and Larry liked to swim 
>in the nude on Corfu, and perhaps Justine would rapidly doff her 
>things. But, no, she would opt for the mixture of mystery with 
>sensuality which the proper bathing costume would promote. That 
>leaves us with other possibilities. Two piece? How small? One piece? 
>How revealing?
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