[ilds] Justine's boobs

Michael Haag michaelhaag at btinternet.com
Sun May 6 09:58:13 PDT 2007

Claude was fairly perky herself.


On Sunday, May 6, 2007, at 05:50  pm, william godshalk wrote:

> Well, if Durrell's notebooks do not lie -- and why would they? -- 
> Justine has boyish (i.e. perky) breasts, so she would need no bra. And 
> if she does even so wear a bra, that would surely suggest that she is 
> insecure in her sexuality. Are there other indications of such an 
> insecurity? Of course we must theoretically take Claude's editing of 
> Justine into account. Her jealousy of Justine -- un-justified of 
> course -- might well lead her to bowdlerize Justine's sexual 
> attributes and actions.
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