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Roger Bowen's "Many Histories Deep": The Personal Landscape Poets in Egypt, 1940-45 briefly mentions Liddell and Enright, as well as his subject poets Durrell, Bernard Spencer, Keith Douglas, and Terence Tiller.  Bowen evokes Cairo's "unreality" during WWII and its effect on these writers.


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>>> Michael Haag <michaelhaag at btinternet.com> 5/4/2007 12:43 PM >>>
Strangely, Liddell's Unreal City is ostensibly set in a place he calls 
Caesarea.  The Cavafy figure is called Mr Eugenides.  Both of these are 
coy avoidances, and Liddell fails to put any thrust into his city or 
his poet, and the book, while of some interest, is pretty flat.

D J Enright was forever pissed off that his earnest novel about 
lecturing at Farouk University (now Alexandria University) was so 
irretrievably dull compared to that dreadful News of the World version 
of Alexandria written by that charlatan Lawrence Durrell.  Some things 
are just unforgivable.


On Friday, May 4, 2007, at 10:42  am, Sumantra Nag wrote:

> I wonder if the discussion on Justine could include references to 
> Robert Liddell (Unreal City - a novel based on Cavafy and Alexandria, 
> about which I have read, without having been able to get the book), 
> and D J Enright's novel Academic Year, also set in Alexandria. There 
> was a group of English writers based in Egypt (Cairo and Alexandria) 
> during or around the time of WWII (there is an intereting reference on 
> the Website http://www.crescentmoon.org.uk/cresmoalex - ALEXANDRIA 
> REVISITED The Alexandria of Lawrence Durrell, C.P. Cavafy, Edmund 
> Keeley and Others by Jeremy Robinson). Liddell was also a travel 
> writer attached to Greece.
> Sumantra Nag
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