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Thanks for digging that up, Charles.  No surprise that it should be in 
Jung.  Still less surprise that Durrell got it from a secondary source; 
he frequently gleaned his profundities from secondary sources.  As for 
the significance of this, well, it is one of the most significant 
things in the whole of Justine.  But we will let that pass.


On Friday, May 4, 2007, at 03:50  am, slighcl wrote:

> On 5/3/2007 8:15 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
> Probably a slip, but I still don't see the source in the notebook, 
> which would have to be verified.  The "sponsor" error remains puzzling 
> to me, and I still like Michael's original note on the error.  Wilhelm 
> Worringer was a German art historian.  What's Durrell doing with a 
> text (Abstraction and Empathy [c. 1907]) in a language he doesn't 
> read?  Or does he?  This minutia probably leads nowhere.
> I have verified LD's source for your Bruce.  (Scholars, like Nature, 
> abhor a vacuum.)  And at least part of the botched Latin is not LD's 
> fault.
> On 15v of the BL Justine notebook "Notes for Alex" LD is taking notes 
> from Jung's Psychological types, or, The Psychology of individuation 
> (Baynes trans):
> fecit deus timorem ' (' The first thing God made in the world was 
> fear'), this
> very feeling of dread is admitted as the primal root of artistic 
> energy. (361)
> Jung quotes Worringer throughout.
> Jung's discussion of the "hortus conclusus" phrase appears on page 285 
> of the 1953 reprint of Psychological types, or, The Psychology of 
> individuation.  I believe the "sponsor" slip up is LD's. 
> "We shall have a lot to discuss about that."
> Charles
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