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> On 5/3/2007 8:15 PM, Bruce Redwine wrote:
>Probably a slip, *but I still don't see the source in the notebook*, which would have to be *verified*.  The "sponsor" error remains puzzling to me, and I still like Michael's original note on the error.  Wilhelm Worringer was a German art historian.  *What's Durrell doing with a text (Abstraction and Empathy [c. 1907]) in a language he doesn't read?*  Or does he?  This minutia probably leads *nowhere*.
I have verified LD's source for your Bruce.  (/Scholars, like Nature, 
abhor a vacuum/.)  And at least part of the botched Latin is not LD's fault.

On 15v of the BL /Justine /notebook "Notes for Alex" LD is taking notes 
from Jung's /Psychological types, or, The Psychology of individuation/ 
(Baynes trans):

> fecit deus *timorem* ' (' The first thing God made in the world was 
> fear'), this
> very feeling of dread is admitted as the primal root of artistic 
> energy. (361)

Jung quotes Worringer throughout.

Jung's discussion of the "hortus conclusus" phrase appears on page 285 
of the 1953 reprint of /Psychological types, or, The Psychology of 
individuation.  /I believe the "sponsor" slip up is LD's. 

"We shall have a lot to discuss about that."


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