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Probably a slip, but I still don't see the source in the notebook, which would have to be verified.  The "sponsor" error remains puzzling to me, and I still like Michael's original note on the error.  Wilhelm Worringer was a German art historian.  What's Durrell doing with a text (Abstraction and Empathy [c. 1907]) in a language he doesn't read?  Or does he?  This minutia probably leads nowhere.


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>Looks like a slip.  And nobody noticed.  Bad marks to Durrell and Faber.
>On Thursday, May 3, 2007, at 08:23  pm, slighcl wrote:
>> On 5/3/2007 2:53 PM, william godshalk wrote:
>> Durrell got his information from a variety of sources, not all of
>> them very scholarly. I wonder if one of the books he was using got
>> the Latin phrase wrong, and Durrell just copied it without thought. I
>> know that's not very helpful -- unless of course you like to hunt for 
>> sources.
>> I am uncertain if this info really moves the discussion forward, but 
>> here follows a transcription of LD's note in the first of his Justine 
>> notebooks at the BL:
>> [ 15verso ]
>> Notes
>> Ants passing on the back of the hand
>> [geometric design, in ink and pencil]
>> Cabalistic
>> Hortus conclusus, soror mea sponsor
>>   An enclosed garden is my sister, my spouse
>>     Fons signatus  the sealed fountain
>> Worringer “Abstraction und Einfühlung’
>> “When Tibullus says ‘Primum in mundo
>> fecit deus timroem’ (The first thing God
>> made in the world is fear), this very feeling
>> of dread is admitted as the primal root
>> of artistic energy”
>> [Cf. hortus conclusus—Justine 39]
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