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On 5/3/2007 2:53 PM, william godshalk wrote:

>Durrell got his information from a variety of sources, not all of 
>them very scholarly. I wonder if one of the books he was using got 
>the Latin phrase wrong, and Durrell just copied it without thought. I 
>know that's not very helpful -- unless of course you like to hunt for sources.
I am uncertain if this info really moves the discussion forward, but 
here follows a transcription of LD's note in the first of his /Justine 
/notebooks at the BL:

[ 15verso ]


Ants passing on the back of the hand

[geometric design, in ink and pencil]


Hortus conclusus, soror mea sponsor
  An enclosed garden is my sister, my spouse
    Fons signatus  the sealed fountain

Worringer "Abstraction und Einfühlung'
"When Tibullus says 'Primum in mundo
fecit deus timroem' (The first thing God
made in the world is fear), this very feeling
of dread is admitted as the primal root
of artistic energy"

[Cf. hortus conclusus--/Justine/ 39]

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