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Thu May 3 11:53:46 PDT 2007

Jamie writes:

>'Moreover, Melissa Artemis seems drenched in irony, from her surname (no
>woodsy virgin she) to the fragment from the Vulgate Song of Songs:   "I
>think of Melissa once more:   hortus conclusus, soror mea sponsor" (sec. 19,
>p. 39)."

And Michael comments: "wonder what people make of that last sentence 
in Justine 1.19: 'I
think of Melissa once more: hortus conclusus, soror mea sponsor'.  The
Latin is from the Song of Solomon, 4.12: 'A garden enclosed is my
sister, my bride'.  Except that in Latin that would be: 'Hortus
conclusus, soror mea sponsa'.  Sponsor is presumably Durrell's attempt
at the masculine, which I think ought to be sponsus.  In any case he
seems to have deliberately altered the feminine to the masculine, so
that the phrase reads: 'A garden enclosed is my sister, my bridegroom'."

Durrell got his information from a variety of sources, not all of 
them very scholarly. I wonder if one of the books he was using got 
the Latin phrase wrong, and Durrell just copied it without thought. I 
know that's not very helpful -- unless of course you like to hunt for sources.


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