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On 4/29/2007 8:01 PM, Beatrice Skordili wrote:

> Michael,
> I defer to Charles' authority on the editions here. He assured me at 
> some point in time that the Dutton's are essentially a reprint of the 
> original four volume Faber. As for "errors" in the original edition: 
> In a book which makes a big deal about "mistakes" and "slips" and the 
> truths they reveal, I would be very careful about what I designate as 
> errors or not.

 Beatrice: the Dutton /Justine /is printed off of plates akin to--but 
not identical with--the Faber first/first.  As I pointed out in that 
paper at Cincinnati, LD sent Faber a list of "muck ups."  (The list is 
at SIU-Carbondale.) One or two of those errors Faber had already caught 
before printing Justine first/first. The rest make it into the Faber 
texts a few impressions later.  Dutton never got around to making things 
right, and Penguin has no economic incentive to make them tamper with 
the text.


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