[ilds] RG 1.6 -- the narrator meets Justine

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>It seems odd that one should rely on the Dutton editions when Durrell 
>was working with Faber.  The Dutton editions are likely to contain 
>errors not of the author's or original editor's making, which if one 
>likes that sort of ambiguity and indeterminacy then fine, but it is not 
>original to the work.  They also preserve, as we see, earlier errors 
>that were corrected by the author.  Always best to work with the 
>material over which the author has had control.
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Durrell wrote very fast and admitted he made mistakes.  So, I agree with Haag's methodology.  I prefer to work with the text closest to the author's intent -- and that usually means the last one he or she personally revised.  Admittedly, the problems can be complex, but it avoid situations, such as what happened when Hans Walter Gabler came up with his "corrected text" of Ulysses in 1986, where an editor takes too much upon himself and thinks he knows more than the author does.  All this is a variant on my email of long ago where I argued credit goes to the author, and I fully expect this will satisfy no one who likes multiplicity.


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