[ilds] RG 1.6 -- the narrator meets Justine

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No, it is not up for interpretation, for the reasons I have given.

> He has just been talking of Justine in 1.9.  And he goes on to talk 
> about her in 1.11.  It is one continuous progression of sightings 
> leading up to their meeting at the Atelier.

And if it was not already clear enough, Durrell made it even clearer by 
adding 'Justine'.


On Monday, April 30, 2007, at 12:38  am, william godshalk wrote:

> It seems odd that one should rely on the Dutton editions when Durrell 
> was working with Faber.  The Dutton editions are likely to contain 
> errors not of the author's or original editor's making, which if one 
> likes that sort of ambiguity and indeterminacy then fine, but it is 
> not original to the work.  They also preserve, as we see, earlier 
> errors that were corrected by the author.  Always best to work with 
> the material over which the author has had control.
> But in the Faber -- and I now have a first impression with a first 
> impression dust jacket -- the woman in the white sandals is not 
> identified. Without the narrator's identification, the identity of the 
> woman is up for interpretation. I think.
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