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On 4/29/2007 12:36 PM, william godshalk wrote:

> But how do you account for the apparent discrepancy? The narrator 
> makes it clear -- you might say "doubly clear" -- that he knows 
> Justine by sight and then does not identify her when she appears at 
> his lecture on Cavafy. I assume that he has not lost his glasses since 
> he just delivered a lecture. 

I will go back read the moments that you describe, map them out &c., but 
all of this recalls to my mind the dynamic that has always remained most 
memorable and signature for me in /Justine/.  The novel starts in 
episodes 1.1 - 1.15 with the laying down of a whole rich series of 
character-squeezes and images of privileged moments and little 
epiphanies in dialogue--like faded photos or old phonograph recordings 
or diary entires shuffled together--then with 1.16 something of a more 
traditional narrative style begins to assert itself, moving forward 
briefly, then passing back so that we have the narrator first meeting 
Melissa (1.24) only after he first meets Justine (1.16)--disrupted 
chronology, time spilled out of its frame like dazed quail.

But while describing the conditions within which the narrator's claims 
occur, all of this still does not answer your query, Bill.


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