[ilds] Said references Expats and colonialism

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Fri Apr 27 15:17:28 PDT 2007

Said has extremely few overt references to LD.  He gives a parallel to the
Nazi who reads Rilke (paralleling an American General who reads Durrell,
except somehow this reflects on Durrell as well...) and he's once cited as
giving a talk in Beirut in which he refers to the Quartet as "trivial" and
given to poor metaphors (ie: the telephone).  I've consulted with an author
who had the written paper of what was supposedly presented at that women's
college in Lebanon, but I don't have a copy.  I believe he was actually
referring to the film version of Justine, which may be why he does not refer
to LD directly in his other published works (it would seem to be a glaring
oversight considering the period in which Said did his first works).


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>> From: Sumantra Nag <sumantranag at gmail.com>
>> I think Edward Said referred to the subject matter of the AQ as "trivial"
>> and one can see why!
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> Sumantra, do you have a citation for Said's comment?  I'm sure you're right,
> but I couldn't find it in Orientalism or elsewhere.  "Trivial" does indeed
> sound like Said talking about Durrell.  Thanks.
> Bruce

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