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I shall take the liberty of forwarding an email sent earlier to Marc 
Piel;  thanks for collaborating, Marc!

See note copied below for an hour long recording of LD reading at the 
Poetry Forum.  Also of note is his "Letter to Henry Miller," which is 
available at


Please share your own sound files and video clips of LD if you have 
them.  (I am certain that Jamie will share a link or  two.) We live in 
grand days for open archives.


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Thank you Charles, I very much enjoyed hearing LD. 
Are there more recordings like that?
I found nothing on youtube.
Thank you again.

slighcl wrote:
> Thanks, Marc.  I really appreciate your following up on those clips.  I 
> enjoy listening to LD talk--he was a conversationalist extraordinaire.  
> If you do no know his reading recorded at poetryforum, please take a listen:
>         http://www.thepoetryforum.org/Durrell.m3u
> Dailymotion is an important resource.  Because it broadcasts free of US 
> copyright restrictions, it carries many clips not available from 
> US-based YouTube &c.
> Enjoy the day.
> Charles
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